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Finally Going Home to See My Family. It’s AUNT WEEZZIE’S 92 BIRTHDAY !!!


Tonight or shall I say this morning  I could not sleep. All I could think of and all that was in my Dreams was Finally after all these decades being able to share a long long Dream and wanting of Sharing a Day with  my Family.  It has been a long time coming . In a Lifetime You have to believe You must have Faith .

I want to tell You about My AUNT WEEZZIE,   AUNT MARY LOUISE ARMSTRONG.  My Aunt Louise or  as My Story goes ( Ant Weezzie) was always a port in the storm of my Life . She has been interwoven in the fabric of my life.


I begin.  Aunt Weezzie, when my family was together till 1957 was always my favorite Aunt along with Aunt Kate.  When I was a young child my Mother was harsh to say the least.  I would runaway from home to my Aunt Weezzie’s house . I knew that I would get in deep trouble for running away from home but I always ran to Aunt Wezzie’s  house I was no more than 4 or 5 years old.  But at that age I was confident that I was safe from my Mother if only for a little while at my Aunt Weezie’s home.

My Aunt would have to tell my Mother that I had once again ran to her House  and my Mother would come and fetch me and Beat me all the way home and then beat me again.  I never held  My Aunt Weezzie with any malice for calling My Mother. I only knew whenever I ran to her Home I would be Loved for a little while.

During the years of 1955 and 1957 I ran to my Aunt Wezzie’s house a lot trying to get away from my Mother. I really Loved My Aunt Weezzie.  I Loved my Big Sister Marie and Mary also cause they would always let me tag along with them and we would laugh like most cousins do but Mary seemed to me more than just a cousin she watched out for me like a big Sister too.  I can only tell You that at My Aunt Wezzie’s House whenever we went there I had a lot of Fun with Mary and My Cousin Nate .  I miss Nate everyday of My Life.  My cousins Billy and Phyllis were Much older than the three of us .  Phyllis was another cousin who I loved dearly and My Cousin Billy  was the Coolest Cat I knew.  Billy after Graduation went off to the Air Force. Phyllis married Lee and I always felt welcome in Phyllis house.  My Cousin Nate died  and then it was Marie ,Mary and Me.  As you see these were good times with My Big Sister and Cousins. All of these memories were Facilitated by My Aunt Louise.  I think I actually adored my Aunt Louise and envied my cousin’s all the more.

During this time we would spend a lot of Holidays with our Grand mom and the rest of the family .  My Aunt Louise was just this Beautiful pleasant lady who happened to be my Aunt.  When My Grandmother died I was devastated.  I think as I recall  this was one of the only compassionate touching moments My Mother really showed me Genuine compassion.  I remember coming home from the funeral and hiding behind the door crying and My mother found me and held me dearly; something I just never realized my mother was capable of, therefore this moment has stuck with me a lifetime. Mom was pregnant with my Little Sister Teresa still in her belly and when she held me Close and hugged me for the longest time I could feel Teresa moving around in there.

In 1957 I was taken away from my Mother and sent to a Boy’s school in Abbottstown Pa.  I was a stuttering ,cowering , afraid  and was a tortured, beaten, abused child.  While there the first year; My cousin Billy would drive my mother up to see me at the school but within that year  when Billy drove up  did my Mother ever come.  I was only 16 miles away but My Mother  only came three visiting days  for the Years of 1957. I thank You Billy for taking the time in Your Life to bring my Mother up to see me.  Most visiting days I just sat there alone looking out of the window at all the other Boy’s Parent’s who came.

In 1957 We went to the Fair in York PA .  I had no intention of staying at the Fair . So as soon as I was able to sneak away ,  I left the Fair and walked over to My Aunt Wezzie’s house.  When I got there no one was home.  I sat on Aunt Wezzie’s front step for about an Hour just longing to be with anyone who was from my Family.  I walked back to the fair and rejoined the boy’s from school and no one was the wiser.  I had been home.  I had sat on My Aunt Wezzie’s front step .  I was happy and satisfied just to have had this little time with my Family. I was turning 8 Years old at this time.


Life changed drastically for me in 1958 when I was told I could now return home to my Mother .  I never told my mom that while I was at the school I had gone to my Aunt Wezzie’s house whenever I was in town.  I became our little secret. 


1958 to 1959 was a very traumatic year returning home.  I learned that my Oldest Sister Marie was beaten and our two little sisters Madeline and Teresa could do no wrong.  My Mother had married George Gilbert and he seemed like a nice guy at first but that would change 3 weeks into me returning home and would remain the same for the next year. When I returned home in 1958 I found my sister Marie and My chief responsibility was taking care of My two little sisters Madeline and Teresa.  Most times on the weekend My Mother was not there but out and about .  We had a babysitter named Joe GEE.  She would come over and watch us and my Mother would come home sometimes very loud  with George .  Me I was happy to be home.  (( A footnote:  Before I left the Boy’s School Bishop Leech of the Harrisburg Diocese told me that if I ever was treated in the manner my Mother had tortured me before I was to write him personally a letter , and he would come get me himself from my Mother.))  He made me swear on a stack of Bibles that I would do this. I kept this is mind all through 1958.

I no longer stuttered and when I was asked a question I answered, which resulted in my Mother smacking me around and telling me “DON’T TALK BACK TO ME !!!”

When I returned we were in Saint Patrick’s grade school in York,PA.  I now had a caseworker whom every FRIDAY after School I was not to go home but to go to his office. I also had a Priest who was my Guardian Angel while at school. He told me so one day on the Playground at School. That He had been assigned My Guardian Angel and was watching over me.  I felt very Special Father McGaugh would be me Guardian Angel.  Sister Mary Teresa from the Catholic Charities would come and take me out of class and to the principles office unknown to my Mother and talk to me especially if it appeared I had been beaten before going to School. Somehow I never noticed the dried up tears on my face the nuns .   Looking back Bishop Leech made me a special case and brought all the guns to bear on My Mother.

I continued to  take any and every chance to spend time at My Aunt Weezie’s house  both Marie and I  went there every chance we got .  Mom took us out of Catholic School in the middle of the Year and put us in Public school.  For me at the end of the year the held me back a year in 6th Grade.  Personally ; leaving all my friends and going from studying Algebra and World history in Catholic School to reading DICK and JANE books and doing 1+1 =2 was boring and I lost interest in school.  I went from a A+ student to a F,C,D  student that year.  My Teacher Mrs. Bodidine always made a point of singleing me out as the black Catholic Kid and humiliating me anytime she had the opportunity in front of the class. it was the 50’s  Civil Rights and Child abuse laws were a long way off.

On weekends Marie and I would ask Mom if we could go stay the weekend at Aunt Wezzie’s most times we got our wish. We had a lot of fun there until Mom realized what we were doing and then forbade us to go over there anymore then the beatings  and torture got turned up to full steam.  My Aunt Louise could not Protect us anymore.

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(1971)  My Wife Rose and I . Now on our first Year  together and making it past the Transition from Pennsylvania to Hawaii were happy to be there together. 


We were beginning our New life .  We were glad that we ended up in the small town of Haleiwa Hawaii.


The town was close to the Beaches and if we needed to go to the Post .  Schofield Barracks was just down the road.


  My wife was to be a stay at home wife.


I was assigned to Tripler


Ward 33 (Surgical) as an Orderly .  The people there were great . My duties were the normal ones of Patient care at the beginning. Changing dressing,  receiving patient’s from Major and Minor Surgery , Isolation Ward for infected Patient’s and Getting them out of bed and walking and assisting them in their recovery.

My Ward master MSGT Passman was a good leader.  He gave me every opportunity to learn and the Nurses always had me  participate in counting Meds and dispensing them .  I thought I was happier than a hog in Pig Slop.


It was a different schedule at first a regular work day.


My wife Rose and I had tried for a second Child  and were looking forward to being Parents.  We Truly Loved each other and after work we could not wait to be in each others company.  During  this time each weekend when possible we would go out Dinning and Dancing on Saturday Nights and She was a Good dancer and would throw her additional moves from her Asian Culture in on the dance floor we were in a world of our own.  On Sundays we would attend Morning Mass and then head out to the beach.  She Loved the Beach and to me it was good to be there because we could lay there or go swimming .  I started to Skin Dive at this time and got pretty good.    On one occasion we met a local and  Rose ask him how to use a net  to catch fish .  She was a fast learner and I had begun to take skin diving to another level and actually learned some of the native fishing tools  and how to dive and fish with them . My favorite was the Oubliette.  Along pole with with a three prong tip on it which you pulled  back under you forearm until you had the rubber stretched to its limit . Once you picked out a fish . You pointed  you’re hand and released it. it struck or missed the fish at about 40 miles an hour.

Once caught you pulled in the string , put your fish in the bag and reloaded.  You had to be able to hold  your breath and manage your excitement level . About this time I was getting comfortable at  30 to 40 foot dive just on my lung power and was a extreme swimmer.  When I was not fishing Rose  and I were Body Surfing.


It got to the point if we could we’d be out on the Wiamea Bay Beach in the evening  catching rays and watching The Sunsets.

There by the rocks in the foreground is where I used to fish.

Over there off the point in the distance is what is known as Sharks Cove and The Three tables.  I Learned to ride Rip Currents over there.   Man that is a real rush you’re sitting there hovering and the waves come crashing in. On the way out the propel you  through the rocks at about 70miles an hour of the point .  You must pay attention or it will shot you into the rocks or worse push you to the bottom and shred you on the coral . You  stay light and buoyant on the surf when it takes you ; at the end it kind of spits you out into the open ocean.   Depending on the time of the Year it can be a quarter mile to a mile.   I got to where I could hold my breath about 4 minutes in the beginning.

My wife would always be there on the Beach rooting me on and jumping up and down laughing and shouting for me.


This also got me into another part of skin diving .  Diving offshore and peaked my interest in delving deeper into this Diving thing.  My Wife that year saved and bought me Professional Divers fins and Mask and My first Dive watch.

I took My NAUI  DIVE Course at Wheeler Air Force Base.

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The Summer of 1969 was the last Summer of My Youth. 

I Graduated from High School and was not really aware of just what being DRAFTED meant .  Life after High School began with working for AMF/Harley Davidson as a Machinist .  For a Kid just out of High School back then , I was making very good money.  I had a circle of friend’s and an even brighter outlook on life.  Our Band  ((The Emeralds  14 Carat Soul)) , played throughout the County and Colleges. We had Big dreams for The Band .  But right out of the shoot we had to Secure our Future and this was only a part of the Picture.  


Working as a Machinist was really fun .  We would car pool every week one of Us would be the Primary driver. Steve aka (Roach) had a brand new 442 Oldsmobile, Dave aka (Whitey) my best friend had a 64 Falcon 289 Cobra that was also eyeball peeling and I had a Pontiac Convertible with a HIPO 389 3/2’s.

These were fast cars for the time.  ach week we used to race other cars on their way to work and see who had the fastest car in the parking lot.  In some cases we’d wait for the Drag Race of the Morning to see if that Cuda or Vete ,Camaro, Mustang or Austin Healy, Triumph  or MG was really as fast as hey said they were.


We actually had a barrel of laughs each morning , by the time we got to the Parking lot for work ..  If You were 18 or nineteen at this time . You can Identify .


Work was intense .  However  when Friday came.  It was time to head out to The Bands next engagement .  We all car pooled home  and went out separate ways only to meet back up  in the latter evening to hang out and go Street Racing  all night.

Friday Evenings  the Summer of 1969  began with us Playing a Gig at the Local Swimming Pools  called a (POOL HOP) back then in the summer.  We’d play the popular songs of the time  and Kid’s from the local High Schools would come and we’d play the latest songs and they would Dance till time to Shut down.  After we packed up the equipment  it was time to go racing.


Naturally it was required to see who could Burn Rubber and who left the longest patch ( Graded by  if there were two equal tracks of Rubber and how much  Smoke was generated by  the car and who could out run the Cops sitting up the road and make it to the Treat) this was a Badge of Honor.  The Crowd would gravitate to the Local Drive in Diner known as the (TROPICAL TREAT ) Car Hops and Roller Skates .


A lot of races were concocted at the Treat.  We’d all roll out  and go to any flat road surface and get it on . Sometimes for Title , sometimes for Money and sometime for School Pride till next week.

After the Treat The Serious Racers would head up to the Shopping center Parking lot and we’d  sit and talk for  a while and the the serious racing would begin , We were young and not knowing we might be the last of the Road warriors.  We race any Hot Rod. SS, Cuda, Mustangs, Road Runner, 47 Willys, 56 Chevy,  Pontiacs , AMX’s ,Rambler Rebels..  If you showed up there at this time You better be prepared to  PUT UP or SHUT Up.  About 2:30 in the Morning the cops would expect us to breakup and go home.  My Friend’s Bob, Uke,Greg  and I would go to the Hanover Diner and listen to music and eat breakfast.  Finally head home and wait for Saturday night races , a drive in Movie or another  Dance  to go to.  Life was so simpler back in 1969.  We  were not into drugs .  Maybe a Beer Party here and there. Several of our Racers Parent’s owned bars.  Drive in movies were always funny. Who could sneak in , How many could sneak in in the Trunk.  Who had the steamiest windshield.  and Who snuck in the Beer.  The movie was incidental. 

Summer ended and The Army as a Draftee began. Life  would never be the same once in the Army Some of My Friend’s would never return from Viet Nam , The band would lose 7  of our Band members to Viet Nam .

Those parties were always fun.  (Another Chapter).

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Prejudice comes in many shades and avenues.

My Sister and I before The President took office spent some time talking about  Discrimination .  We talked about the subtle innuendos of today’s Brand of Discrimination .  How the  Young people today think it is a page in the history book.  But those of us who were subject to Life under Discrimination  still see it everyday.

Better known today as the (SWEDISH LIE).


“You lie about it . I’ll swear to it .”

innuendo (n)

Synonyms: insinuation, ambiguity, double entendre, inference, intimation, suggestion, allusion, hint, overtone


Some things did change for the better . We talked about our Grandmother and Great Grandmother and the things she told us through oral history and the things to keep a wary eye out for. 

My Sister and I don’t forget which paths  closed to us  in our Journey through life .  We took those steps  one  by one.

We looked forward in our conversation at the State of Affairs the World and the United States is in NOW.  Wondering , This Man who has walk our path will lead all of Us through the Next FOUR YEARS.  Will History  Realize The International Global Burden He is tasked with , and that it is this

Black Man, President Barack H. Obama. who shouldered these  Astronomical tasks.

in·nu·en·do [ ìnnyoo éndō ] (plural in·nu·en·does or in·nu·en·dos)



1. hint of something improper: an indirect remark or gesture that usually carries a suggestion of impropriety

2. law interpretation of possibly libelous language: in a legal action for libel or slander, an interpretation of words that are claimed to be libelous where the meaning is not obvious

3. law gloss for technical legal word: an explanation of a technical legal word, usually given in parentheses

[Mid-16th century. < Latin, "by intimation" < innuere "nod to, signify


sep·a·rate [ séppərət ]



1. apart: not touching or connected, not together, or not in the same place
They slept in separate rooms.

2. unrelated: distinct from or unrelated to something else
treated it as a separate issue

3. different: not shared with somebody or something else
offers an apartment with a separate entrance

innuendo (n)

Synonyms: insinuation, ambiguity, double entendre, inference, intimation, suggestion, allusion, hint, overtone



1. apart: not touching or connected, not together, or not in the same place
They slept in separate rooms.

2. unrelated: distinct from or unrelated to something else
treated it as a separate issue

3. different: not shared with somebody or something else


What was JIM CROW ? (RACISM)



sub·tle [ sútt’l ]



1. slight: slight and not obvious

2. pleasantly understated: pleasantly delicate and understated

3. able to make refined judgments: intelligent, experienced, or sensitive enough to make refined judgments and distinctions

4. ingenious: cleverly indirect and ingenious

[14th century. Via Old French sutil< Latin subtilis "fine, thin" < sub tela "beneath the weaving"]

sub·tle·ness noun

sub·tly adverb


in·nu·en·do [ ìnnyoo éndō ] (plural in·nu·en·does or in·nu·en·dos)



1. hint of something improper: an indirect remark or gesture that usually carries a suggestion of impropriety

2. law interpretation of possibly libelous language: in a legal action for libel or slander, an interpretation of words that are claimed to be libelous where the meaning is not obvious

3. law gloss for technical legal word: an explanation of a technical legal word, usually given in parentheses

[Mid-16th century. < Latin, "by intimation" < innuere "nod to, signify

ra·cism [ ráy sìzzəm ]



1. animosity toward other races: prejudice or animosity against people who belong to other races

2. belief in racial superiority: the belief that people of different races have different qualities and abilities, and that some races are inherently superior or inferior

Synonyms: racial discrimination, discrimination, prejudice, bigotry, intolerance, xenophobia, bias, racialism

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Coworker Al Coy

I begin this log because it needs to be documented.

I was at the Bowling Alley Yesterday afternoon Watching clients.  It was 4:15 PM.  I went to find LIVEIN DEAN to give him a Counseling Sheet.  Just in front of the Bowling shoe counter. I noticed Al Coy walking toward me .   I kept looking for Dean. as Al Coy got parallel to me  He balled up his fist and took a cheap shot at my chin  pulling his punch at the last second. I said to MYSELF I don’t think so.  So today  this Morning Jan 22 2009 . I will bring it to the attention of the REGIONAL DIRECTOR.

Feb.18 2009

Last night @ 9:30 pm while returning the van key to Oakes. I hhat late at night I takea certian route out of town  But I had a feeling something wasad  car cut in front of me as I was entering the turn lane .  I drove right acroos the front of my vehicle.  and slowed down preventing me from entering the lane. So in order to prevent the accident I went straight and changed my route to the house.

Just as a precaution I came in from the opposite direction and drove behind the house to see if that car might be around. No car. 

Usually I take a certian route out of town. But tonight I decided to take an optional route.  As I came to the !-5 North exit I ecognized Al Coy’s volksagen. Siting in the opposite direction facing me at the light.  When the light changed he jam his car in gear a slapped second as he passed my drivers door.  I looked in the mirror and yep that was his car.

Two weeks ago Al coy showed up at the bowling alley to tell everyone he had been switched  programs perferrably at the table I was sitting at. so I took my cell phone out and  turned on the voice recorder.  the walked outside and noticed his vehicle parked by mine and took this picture of my vehicle and his.

That’s the Volkswagen I saw last night.

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The Long Journey to January 20, 2009 Inauguration of a Black President Barack Obama.


Today began earlier for me.  I was back on East Coast time .  I woke about 3:30 Am.  I layed there for about ten Minutes and  got out of bed turned on the TV and watched  CSPAN .  I figured no Commercials and very little commentary.  I was right.


I immediately thought of my Friend’s scattered around the world , I lit up the computer and logged on .  CSPAN mentioned their Website .  I thought of My friends scattered from Europe to Asia .  I sent them the  website . 


My Childhood Friend in England wrote me back to let me know He would be in England for the next two years  and thanked me for the site through IM.  

I watched as daylight came over the setting.  Even at this early hour in Washington DC 4 AM (PST).   America was arriving to see  our  New President .  The Texture of Humanity I viewed during those early hours was amazing .  People passing in front of the Cameras were from all walks of life all ethnicities.


Daylight began to break and the cameras scanned over the horizon to the  Washington Monument , Parade Route and the to the White House .  What a Beautiful site.


Now came the light of day .



This is IMPORTANT and the Whole World is Watching .

Later , I was able to capture this picture taken by Satellite off the network .


As CSPAN shifted from camera site to camera site.

The  Flavor of the  crowd was an intense madras quilt of Society .


I began wondering how SAFE Our President really was so  I keyed in on just how blanketed the security team was .  Over the previous days I had visited a few sites and read in on the concerns of President Elect getting out of the Car and walking about .  Every agency was on tip top alert., all angles were to be covered as the Procession and Ascension to Presidential Power Changed hands .




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Barack Obama Inaguration 2009


My Daughter Amanda

My Daughter AMANDA was Born December 21 1978 @ 10:40 Pm .   Picture taken December 23 first day home
I remember the day as a Proud day for Me finally becoming a Father and the Decisions and things that no longer were important to me as now I would be a Father for the rest of My Life.  From a previous Marraige I had had two Children  die within 6 months of their birth and the Heartache My 1st wife  Rose and I endured and finally  Divorced Not that we did not Love each other but the Pain of twice starting a Family and having  both Children die on us.
This was my third chance.  I vowed that if I had to stay up all nught watching over this Child for the first six months  then this is my destiny .  I never expected inless than 14 months later My wife would abscound with My Daughter and for the rest of my life something I wanted would be taken away.  The pain I would endure and the Trails I would have to endure.  Never being able to tell my story.
For I did not think  I would Blindsided and  have her taken from me by my Wife’s family.    Picture taken December 25 1979  in my home after the Birth of My Daughter
This was a happy Day  finally a Child I could change for the betterand fulfill those dreams  I had wanted to share with a Family since 1973.